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Pharmaceutical intermediates are in good shape

Industry News
2018/03/21 17:55
With the development of the global economy and the high rate of return, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China has shown an upward trend in recent years. However, in the field of pharmaceu
With the development of the global economy and the high rate of return, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China has shown an upward trend in recent years. However, in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates, there will be no tens of millions of funds, and it will be difficult to survive, let alone play with the peers and the market.
Sun Tzu’s Art of War has clouds: ten are surrounded, five are attacked, and times are divided. The enemy is capable of fighting, and at least one can escape. If not, he can avoid it. This means that anything should be done in a quantifiable manner. This statement also applies to the pharmaceutical intermediate industry.
Since the advent of the social division of labor, it has greatly accelerated the development of the global economy. Under the influence of economic globalization, each enterprise does not need to be large and comprehensive, concentrate its energy and capital, and intensively cultivate in a field, in order to achieve the effect of “ten siege” and win the final victory. This is even more true for the pharmaceutical industry. Because the production mechanism of drugs is more complex, there are currently only a few pharmaceutical production enterprises in the society. The conditions and materials that are required to be supported in this area need to be achieved through social division of labor. In order to achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit - this has spawned a pharmaceutical intermediate industry, where pharmaceutical manufacturers outsource the production of pharmaceutical raw materials to pharmaceutical intermediates, and the pharmaceutical intermediates industry mainly processes some pharmaceutical primary products.
The pharmaceutical intermediates are mainly used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and are actually synonymous with some chemical raw materials and chemical products. Therefore, unlike pharmaceutical production companies, which require strict examination, as long as the produced things can reach the pharmaceutical grade. Coupled with its high rate of return, various types of pharmaceutical intermediates have flourished in recent years.
According to the statistics of the Industrial Research Institute of the Foresighted Industry Research Institute, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, and the current compound annual growth rate has reached 10%. With the continuous expansion of the market size of the global pharmaceutical industry, A trend will continue.
From the perspective of industry properties, the pharmaceutical intermediate industry belongs to the chemical industry, so it has natural defects in environmental protection. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, it is precisely because of environmental considerations that they are willing to transfer some of their pharmaceutical production processes to China. At the same time, due to the development of China's pharmaceutical intermediate production capacity and R&D capabilities, China's pharmaceutical intermediate companies will have more Scale advantages.
Judging from the external environment, it is currently the intensive period for global patent drugs to expire. This phenomenon is internationally known as the “patent cliff”. While the generic market will benefit from the expiration of patented drugs, it is expected that the generic drugs will grow at a rate far beyond that of the pharmaceutical industry, while drug companies will focus on the development of new drugs and outsource the pharmaceutical intermediates. It is the most direct benefit to the pharmaceutical intermediate industry.
In general, if the pharmaceutical intermediate company wants to develop, the channel is the foundation and technology is the core. Therefore, whether or not we can provide high-tech value-added services to our customers is fundamental to their survival. Increasing the investment required to actively invest in the development of new drug research and development in the market, and deploying it in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates in advance, is the key to success.
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