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The outbreak of generic drugs will soon be a good opportunity for pharmaceutical intermediates

Industry News
2018/03/21 17:45
According to the "China's Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry Market Research and Investment Analysis Report" released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, it is expected t
According to the "China's Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry Market Research and Investment Analysis Report" released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, it is expected that with the expiration of patented drugs, generic drugs will usher in explosive growth with the price advantage in the next five to ten years. It is expected to soar. The outbreak of generic drugs will bring a broader market space and good opportunities for the development of pharmaceutical intermediates.
Pharmaceutical intermediates refer to some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis, and they are also important components of fine chemicals. Now they have gradually become the core of the development of chemical industries in various countries. In recent years, China has made great progress in fine chemicals, and its refinement rate has been continuously improved, creating a good atmosphere for the development of pharmaceutical intermediates.
Due to its high investment efficiency, high profitability, and high added value, pharmaceutical intermediates have attracted attention and favor from all walks of life. The Chinese government also attaches great importance to the development of pharmaceutical intermediates and has issued a series of encouraging policies and measures.
Driven by the government, China's pharmaceutical intermediates industry has developed rapidly. At present, it has basically met the chemical raw materials and intermediates required for pharmaceutical production, and it exhibits the following six characteristics.
First, pharmaceutical intermediate companies are mostly private companies. The scale of investment is generally small. The investment amount is basically between one million to one million, but the operation is more flexible and can respond to market changes quickly and effectively.
Second, the distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates is more concentrated, mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, especially in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and Jintan, Jiangsu, where a large number of pharmaceutical intermediate companies have been gathered;
Third, pharmaceutical intermediates are facing increasing environmental pressure and it is imperative to build environmental protection facilities.
Fourth, the product update iterations are fast, new varieties emerge in an endless stream, forcing pharmaceutical intermediate companies to follow up or improve their processes;
Fifthly, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry is fierce and disorderly, and more and more small and medium-sized chemical companies are joining them, which is not conducive to the cluster development of the pharmaceutical intermediates industry;
Sixth, pharmaceutical intermediate companies generally lack innovation and there is a low level of repetition. There are only a handful of intermediate pharmaceutical products with independent intellectual property rights in the world.
From the perspective of the above development characteristics, China's pharmaceutical intermediates are still far from the international advanced level. In the future, when promoting the development of the pharmaceutical intermediate industry, we must pay attention to scientific research investment, establish an engineering center with a multidisciplinary, multi-faceted and high starting point as the standard, provide a platform for the birth of new products, and at the same time carry out predictions and evaluations to achieve rapid and healthy development of pharmaceutical intermediates. .
In general, pharmaceutical intermediates are expected to benefit from Chinese pharmaceutical companies' efforts to use generic drugs. However, prior to this, issues such as overcapacity and vicious competition need to be resolved.
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