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Delegate made suggestions on the intrinsic safety of fine chemicals

Industry News
2018/03/21 17:41
The frequent accidents in 2017 caused the safety issues in the fine chemical industry to arouse public concern. At the two national conferences this year, some members of the oil and chemical industry
The frequent accidents in 2017 caused the safety issues in the fine chemical industry to arouse public concern. At the two national conferences this year, some members of the oil and chemical industry have shouted out loudly: It is imperative to increase the essential safety level of the fine chemical industry.
It is reported that the National People's Congress representative, chief engineer of Zhejiang Longsheng Group Dye Division Ou Qi submitted the "Proposal on Enhancing the Intrinsic Safety of the Fine Chemical Industry" to the 13th National People's Congress. According to Ou Qi, in 2017, more than 12 accidents occurred in China's chemical industry, resulting in dozens of deaths. Among them, accidents involving fine chemicals accounted for nearly half. Accidents in the fine chemical industry are frequent, exposing issues such as the intrinsic safety standards system of the industry is not yet perfect, operators have blindness to process operations, corporate safety management system is not targeted, and government supervision is in the form of issues. When security loses its barriers, environmental protection has become an empty talk. Therefore, improving the intrinsic safety level of the fine chemical industry is an inherent requirement to promote high-quality economic development, and it is also the only way to promote the construction of ecological civilization.
In order to improve the intrinsic safety level of fine chemicals, Europe has proposed four suggestions: First, to forcefully eliminate backward technologies and vigorously promote advanced technologies. Organize relevant companies in the industry to formulate a list of production technologies for the industry's “Key Risk Management Process,” especially for batch reactors with decomposing characteristics that should be immediately discontinued and replaced by semi-batch or continuous production processes. The second is to improve the level of industrial automation control to reduce the risk of accidents, reduce casualties, it is recommended to implement the level of automation control level management. The third is to cover the entire process of risk assessment. Gradually carry out in-depth and comprehensive assessment of reaction risks to provide basis for engineering design and safety control process parameters. The general measures required in the control plan recommended by the State Administration of Work Safety for the supervision and control of key technologies must be adjusted, supplemented, and improved in a timely manner. Fourth, the government departments will issue supporting policies for safety automation and upgrading as soon as possible. Companies that perform automated upgrades and transformations are given a certain amount of rewards and subsidies, and companies that do not meet the requirements are forced to rectify their deadlines or to be punished accordingly.
Ou Qi’s proposal has aroused the resonance of other members of the petrochemical community. In an interview with reporters, they pointed out that backward technology and backward production capacity are major hidden dangers to safety and environmental protection, and devices should be eliminated as soon as possible. “Continuously improving the automation level of chemical companies and developing toward the direction of intelligence and information technology is the best choice for improving the intrinsic safety level of enterprises.” Zhang Hengzhen, chief technician of Maoming Petrochemical, said in an interview with reporters "Chemical companies should start from the aspects of risk prevention and control, hidden danger management and employee safety training to achieve intrinsic safety and prevent accidents."
According to the reporter, after the “12 September” accident in Lianyungang, which caused 10 deaths last year, relevant experts from the State Administration of Work Safety and the China Chemical Safety Association pointed out that the safety production in the fine chemical industry in China is facing deep problems. At present, there are more than 8,000 fine chemical production enterprises in China, producing more than 30,000 kinds of fine chemicals, but the industrial foundation is weak, and the safety management level of fine chemical industry lags far behind that of developed countries.
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