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Pharmaceutical intermediates are in good shape
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2018-03-21 17:55
With the development of the global economy and the high rate of return, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry in China has shown an upward trend in recent years. However, in the field of pharmaceu
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Hubei Sancaidang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a medium-sized high-tech private enterprise integrating organic chemical research, project development, production and sal
The outbreak of generic drugs will soon be a good opportunity for pharmaceutical intermediates
According to the "China's Pharmaceutical Intermediate Industry Market Research and Investment Analysis Report" released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, it is expected t
The development of fine chemical industry in China is mainly focused on the development of the anhydride industry.
Fine chemical industry is the strategic focus of the development of the chemical industry in the world today, and it is also one of the fastest growing economic sectors. Vigorously developing fine
Delegate made suggestions on the intrinsic safety of fine chemicals
The frequent accidents in 2017 caused the safety issues in the fine chemical industry to arouse public concern. At the two national conferences this year, some members of the oil and chemical industry
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